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Ski Report Feb 16th

Welcome to Folks on Spokes

Folks on Spokes Bicycle Club provides members with a wide variety of cycling activities while making an impact on the state of cycling in the Chicago south suburban area. 

Folks on Spokes is at the forefront of cyclist advocacy, working with various government agencies to insure that the needs of cyclists are considered when road improvements, trail construction and laws regarding cyclists are reviewed. The club has had much success in influencing area governmental bodies to remember cyclists.

Folks on Spokes provides members with opportunities to ride with cyclists of similar riding abilities on a variety of weekly routes from 15 to 100 miles in length.  Rides are scheduled on weekdays as well as every weekend. There is something for everyone.  

2015 Easter Ride

Since 1982 the Easter Ride has continually grown in popularity. It was listed as the Best Biking in America in Bicycling Magazine’s April 1999 issue, and it has just gotten better each year. Drawing hundreds of riders each year, the ride is large enough to seem professionally run, yet small enough to really enjoy. Every year, the ride gets better and this year is no exception.

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Announcement List

Members have access to our announcement list. This list contains information about regional cycling news and events and the quickest up-to-date ride information.

If you would like to see the archive, please go to Google Groups.