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2018 Board of Directors  Pictured from left to right:  Rick Deering, Treasurer; Tony Loukota, Director At Large; Bernie O’Reilly, Membership Chair; Dan Rumishek, President; Sally Kleinschmidt, Secretary; Nancy Walsh, Past President; Fern Bienias, Social Chair; Chuck Vasile, Director at Large.  Missing are Dick Chisholm, Vice President and Bill Lang, Director of Rides

Folks on Spokes

PO Box 763
Matteson, Illinois 60443


Adam Jenkins


Vice President
Dick Chisholm
(708) 254-1988
Recording Secretary
Sally Kleinschmidt
(804) 335-7094
Ron Ellens
(708) 235-1111

Past President
Dan Rumishek
(708) 307-9800
Director at Large
Tony Loukota
(773) 582-8493
Director at Large
Chuck Vasile
(708) 429-2802
Director of Rides
Bill Lang

Membership Chair
Jim Tomaszewski
708) 331-0593
Social Chair
Fern Bienias
(708) 747-7557
Turtle Rides

Chuck Vasile
(708) 429-2802