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Thank you to all our members and bicycling friends who helped make Spring Fling a success.  Your participation as a volunteer or rider is greatly appreciated.
Visit our Spring Fling page by clicking the link below.
2024 SF Invite

Registration is now open for Active Transportation Alliance's Bike the Drive, taking place on Sun., September 1, 2024. Join us for one of the best biking events in the nation. We close down 30 miles of highway along beautiful Lake Michigan for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy. 

Register now for the lowest price of the season. Prices go up on Tuesday, May 28, so snag yours now! 


Taking a Closer Look at Bicycling in Chicago

Thanks to VP Lois for sharing the following article, "Measuring Chicago's Boost in Biking".  This article was originally sent to Lois by local cyclist Brian Bender.  It analyzes the uptake in bicycling in Chicago over the last year.   Chicago has seen tremendous growth in cycling across the city.  This analysis examined Chicago's approach to creating a cycling system that serves everyone, focusing on low stress options that work with community stakeholders.   Follow the link below to read more about it and view the results colorful, easy to understand graphs and charts.

Measuring Chicago’s Boost in Biking (

Major Trail Keeper's annual Earth Day Cleanup

Several FOS members were part of the annual Earth Day cleanup of the Major Taylor trail. The event took place on Saturday, April 20.  This annual event is always well-attended, including this one despite the morning frost. The organizers from Major Taylor brough bags, trash grabbers, gloves and Dunkin Donuts. President JoDell came with donuts of her own from Old Fashioned Donuts. Many volunteers spoke of the need to take good care of the neighborhood, the trail and how they felt good about doing their part.

After the sweet nosh, the group was assigned 2 long sections of trail to clean Cleanup was from 9-12, and the group got quiet as they went about their work.  Six FOS members came out to volunteer. As always, there seems to be some unusual finds - some years it’s a bed, other times a tire pile. As the event began to wind down, club member Allison found a beautiful Canada brand coat in mint condition! So, next year, come out for the Major Taylor Earth Day cleanup.  You never know what you might find!
2024 Major Taylor Cleanup

You Never Know What You'll Find!

Great news for bicyclists traveling by Metra.  Bikes, including e-bikes and scooters, are now allowed on all trains, not just ones outside of rush hours.  For detailed information, go to the Metra website at Bikes and Scooters on Trains | Metra.  Be sure to read the "fine print".  There are rules and possibly exceptions you may need to be aware of before you set out for a biking adventure.

Spring Fling, our annual FOS fundraiser, is almost here.

Proceeds from this event have benefitted cycling efforts in the area since it began some time ago.  We hope to see many bicyclists at Monee, June 2, to enjoy the ride and contribute to benefit organizations committed to bicycling in our area.  

Last year we were able to support several organizations through our contributions. We could not do that without the help of our club organizers, volunteers, and of course, the riders.

League of American Bicyclists or LAB is a national organization based out of Washington, DC that works to improve road safety for bicyclists and promotes bicycle safety awareness through education.  It should be noted that FOS member Larry Mysz is a League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor (LCI). The League also provides grant funding for organizations that pursue bicycling improvement and expansion of trails throughout the country. 

Ride Illinois is a state-wide organization that was originally known as The League of Illinois Bicyclists.  It became an independent organization in 2000 and later changed its name to Ride Illinois. For many years the organization was championed by FOS member & former president, Al Sturges, who worked for about 30 years with them in many capacities.  Ride Illinois continues to be supported by Larry Mysz, who actively participates on their education committee.  Ride Illinois publishes the Ride Illinois guide which we all receive each spring. They sponsor the 3 day Grand Illinois bike Tour. They have worked to provide many trail enhancements, including the Old Plank Trail, the Cal-Sag, Burnham Greenway and others.  They also meet with local governments to work out plans to develop future enhancements.

Major Taylor Trail Keepers was also a recipient of a monetary donation.  Not to be confused with the Major Taylor bike club, the Trail Keepers keep up the integrity of the six-mile bike trail that runs from the Dan Ryan Woods South to Whistler Woods.  The trail was converted from an abandoned railroad line in the late nineties.  Many of our members have ridden on this section of the trail and have benefitted from their efforts. Major Taylor Trail Keepers is a non-profit organization that works to better the community. 

Active Trans or Active Alliance is most well-known for overseeing the annual bike the drive event held on the first Sunday of the labor day week-end.  Through the years, many FOS members have participated in this amazing ride.

We are very pleased to be able to offer financial support to these remarkable organizations.  It cannot be done without your support.  Please keep this in mind when we begin planning for Spring Fling, 2024.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
FOS Officers,  2024

President - JoDell Albi

Vice President - Lois Jacob

Secretary - Sally Kleinschmidt

Treasurer - John Victor

Director at Large - Lee Chung

Director at Large - Kathy McElligott

Dues Reminder:

If you were not able to pay 2024 dues at the pizza party,
you may still pay online or by mail.  Checks can be mailed to:

Folks on Spokes, PO Box 763, Matteson, IL  60443

It's never too late to become a member and
enjoy the benefits the club has to offer.  
$20, Individual - $30, Family

Here is another valuable bit of information Larry has shared with us via announcements.  Thank you, Larry.

"Here is a link to an excellent League of American Bicyclists video about taking your bike on Amtrak. The video shows how it is easier than ever to use a train to get your bike to exciting places for tours. It covers new Amtrak policies and demonstrates new equipment."

And One More...Larry has shared another link for anyone wishing to participate in "Bike the Drive", Sunday, September 3, from 8:00 - 12:30.  Conveniently, Register Here 

Folks on Spokes (FOS), one of Chicagoland's premier biking clubs, has been known for sponsoring the first invitational of the biking season, The Easter Ride.   The name was changed to "Spring Fling" in 2020.   Unfortunately we had to cancel that year's ride, but WE ARE BACK!!   Looking forward to seeing everyone again.          

FOS provides members with opportunities to ride with cyclists of similar riding abilities on a variety of weekly

routes from 15 to 100 miles in length. Rides are scheduled on weekdays as well as every weekend during the
cycling season.  Membership rides at all speeds from 9-12mph to 16+mph.  Most rides involve a rest-stop
where we can grab a bite to eat. 

Offseason finds Folks on Spokes members gathering for hikes and cross-country skiing. Hikes are held
every-other week, and skiing depends on snow conditions.

As a member, you have access to club ride information, forums, communications, and other helpful
information to help provide a better experience.

FOS is consistent in making an impact on the state of cycling in the Chicago south suburban area. It is at the forefront of cyclist advocacy, working with various government agencies to ensure that the needs of cyclists are considered when road improvements, trail construction, and laws regarding cyclists are reviewed.  The club has had much success in influencing area governmental bodies to remember cyclists