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Monthly Meetings & Socials

Folks on Spokes club meetings are held every month (except November & December).    

Remember, we can bring refreshments to the meeting!  Frankfort Public Library charges a $25 fee for this and it has been paid. So let’s make the most of it!  Feel free to bring a favorite snack, dessert or dish to share with everyone.

The next  general meeting will be Wednesday March 25th,7-8:45.

Upcoming Programs:

March:  All events at FPL are CANCELLED for the month of March.

   AprilThe April meeting is CANCELLED.

   May:  Barb Barnes and Roger Staub will speak on their cycling trip along the Rhone River.

   June:  Ira David Levy will talk about Pedal4Life, the HeroinMe Ride, and his Pedal America TV show.
Meetings are open to the public.

Upcoming Socials- Save the Date!!

May 17th, Sunday, PANCAKE BREAKFAST 


Sept 20th, Sunday, ANNUAL PICNIC




Social meetings are scheduled to build membership cohesion and allow members to mingle, socialize, and plan future rides and events.

January 22, 2020 Meeting at FPL

Eighteen members attended the January meeting.  After mingling, snacking and socializing, the meeting came to order.  Gary Meyer was our guest speaker.  Gary has to agreed to have his business, Hickory Creek Brewing, as the starting and endpoint of Spring Fling.  He is an avid cyclist and is excited to be a part of our 39th annual ride.


February 26, 2020 Meeting at FPL


 More than 20 members came for February’s meeting at FPL. The coffee was good and hot  plus there were lots of goodies to snack on as well.  After a good bit of socializing, JoDell called the meeting to order. She lightly touched on a few details about the upcoming Spring Fling. Dick spoke up about an exciting beginning to the process of having one of the bike trails in Frankfort extended all the way to 80th Avenue.  Frankfort Village Hall will have a discussion on the matter on March 6th at 5pm.


JoDell then turned the meeting over to our speaker, Marianne Hahn. Her program was entitled “The Kankakee Sands- Preserving A Globally Endangered Ecosystem.”  She spoke about how the glaciers impacted Braidwood Dunes and other lands in NE Illinois, which created different types of sand in the moraines as they made their way through Indiana and Illinois. Marianne owns land in Kankakee county named “Sweet Fern Preserve” which has five different kinds of sand.  She identified many types of flora and fauna on her land, with beautiful pictures of the many species, shrubs, trees, flowers and grasses. She showed a picture of a rare, ornate, male box turtle.  For those who wish to visit the Kankakee Sands, she said to be on the alert to view bison during your visit. Any easy trip on route 41 South to Enos will take you to a parking lot on the right. That area is usually a good place to spot them.

FOS SOCIALS, 2019 - 2020

Feb 6, 2020  Pre-Valentine Social


There’s nothing like a cozy restaurant, good food and craft brews to warm up with in the middle of winter. Thanks to Fern, 19 club members got to do just that on a snowy evening for the pre-Valentine’s Day social held at Trails Edge Brewing in Frankfort.   Our members enjoyed conversation and laughter, great appetizers and craft beer.  Some of the offerings included Trail’s Edge specialty, smokey wings, and they did not disappoint!  The club went through several dozen of them, plus homemade potato chips, party tostadas, several kinds of pizza and fried cheese curds.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

February 26, 2020  Trip to the Art Institute, Chicago

Our group continues to be small on the FOS trip to the Art Institute in Chicago, but we have a great time and are always amazed at what we see and learn.   This year four members, Fern Bienias, Andi Edington, John Victor and Al Sturges attended what has become an annual event.  We started our day with breakfast at a Café nearby.  We were able to go on two tours and had plenty of time to walk around on our own. This is a great way to spend a wintry day.   

Mar 31, 2019  Pancake Breakfast


July 21 Ice Cream Social



Sep 22 Annual Picnic

Oct 27, 2019 End of Season Bike, Hike, Pot Luck

The End of Season bike, hike and potluck ended up with warmth and sun and good attendance. Al and Jim led bike rides, Bernie led the hike and everyone brought great food to share. Thank you Jim for cooking, Carrie and Roman for all their help setting up, breaking down and most of all helping with the Coleman stoves, keeping food and drinks warm.  A great big thank you to everyone that brought dishes to share,  soups, chili, sausages, salads and fabulous desserts.  Hugh, our great coffee maker, has the best propane coffee pot ever!   Thank you to all others that pitched in to make our day such a success. 




Thank you to the members who have offered suggestions for some fun socials.  Anyone with ideas please feel free to let me know as all ideas are welcome. 

Questions or ideas contact Fern 708-747-7557 or email

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