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Upcoming Events

2020 End of Season Pot Luck Hike

The End of Season hike on October 25 took place at Goodenow Grove. It was a pretty chilly, blustery day, but the sun was out and we were warm enough while hiking. Twelve members and Bo came out to hike . Hiking in a wind protected area went well. The colors were great. After the hike, members met at the shelter where we joined other club members for lunch..

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

                  New Year's Day

Our traditional first hike of the season was at Goodenow Grove on New Year's Day.  Although the group was smaller than usual, the hike and the company were great.

Winston, Scott, Bernie, Fern and Jim


Most of the Group at the toboggan slide

Horseshoe Lake/
Swallow Cliff

Unfortunately the January 12 hike to Bailly Chellberg farm had to be cancelled due to rain and flooded trails.  However, we were able to proceed with the Horsetail Lake/Swallow Cliff hike even though the weather was question-

able at first.  Fifteen hikers with various levels of cabin fever trudged over snow, ice and flooded areas and had a great three hour hike.  


Fern halfway up

Cowles Bog

Another great day for FOS hikers!  Ten members met for a Sunday morning hike.  Trail conditions were fine most of the time with just a few tricky spots to navigate along the way.  Lunch followed at 18th Street Brewery where we enjoyed watching the snow fall and feeling  glad our hike had ended and we were warm and fed.

A long way up...


Elaine having fun


Fern thinking about it...

Andi, Elaine, Ladd, Scott, Alison, Jim and John


Andi thinking about something....


Conrad, Susan, Scott, Fern, Jim, Lee and Janel

The 3 Dune Challenge

Another great day for FOS hikers.  The weather was truly amazing - couldn't be better for a day outdoors.  We climbed Mt. Jackson (176 ft), followed by Mt. Holden (184 ft) and finally Mt. Tom (192 ft).   After walking the beach we went over to the observation tower where we enjoyed more views of the area.


Erosion from the waves


Lee, Conrad and Janel looking at shelf ice


The observation tower near the lake

Relaxing after hike - Jim, Fern, Scott,
Andi, Susan and John

Bailly Chellberg Farm/
Maple Sugar Festival

Things are always fun when hikers get together.  This hike was especially good because it was coupled with the annual Maple Sugar Festival.  Hikers were able to see  how American Indians turned maple sap into sugar and how settlers were able to use large iron kettles to make syrup. Plus there were cookies!

John, Scott, Festival
Mary, and Fern 
The Homestead - A national
historic landmark

Spring is Coming!!!

X-Country Skiing with FOS

On many occasions, Folks on Spokes members have gathered to enjoy cross-country skiing throughout the area on an "if-snow" basis.  In addition to Northeast Illinois, members have traveled to Wisconsin, Indiana and Southern Michigan in search of snow. 

Trips are coordinated via the Rides and Events calendar and the Folks on Spokes google-groups email system. 

X-Country Ski - Finally!!

It was mid-February before we finally had enough snow to enjoy skiing in the area. But a group of 5 were able to go ski in the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park at GSU.  The group included members Dan Meadows, Chris Oldanie, Al and Barbara Sturges and friend of the club, Mary Carrington.  The sunshine was lovely but it caused conditions to get a little messy as the morning went on.  We still had fun!  

ski 2020-1
ski 2020-2
ski 2020-4