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FOS deeply regrets having to make the decision to cancel Spring Fling 2020.   Our members, sponsors, and guest riders have always looked forward to our annual ride.  But we must err on the side of caution as the safety of our riders is our chief concern.  Please check back in 2021.   

Folks on Spokes (FOS), one of Chicagoland's premier biking clubs, has been known for sponsoring the first invitational of the biking season, The Easter Ride.   The name was changed to "Spring Fling" this year.   Unfortunately we will be cancelling this year's ride, but check back in 2021 as WE WILL BE BACK!!

Meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

FOS provides members with opportunities to ride with cyclists of similar riding abilities on a variety of weekly
routes from 15 to 100 miles in length. Rides are scheduled on weekdays as well as every weekend during the
cycling season.  Membership rides at all speeds from 9-12mph to 16+mph.  Most rides involve a rest-stop
where we can grab a bite to eat. 

Offseason finds Folks on Spokes members gathering for hikes and cross-country skiing. Hikes are held
every-other week, and skiing depends on snow conditions.

As a member, you have access to club ride information, forums, communications, and other helpful
information to help provide a better experience.

FOS is consistent in making an impact on the state of cycling in the Chicago south suburban area. It is at the forefront of cyclist advocacy, working with various government agencies to ensure that the needs of cyclists are considered when road improvements, trail construction, and laws regarding cyclists are reviewed.  The club has had much success in influencing area governmental bodies to remember cyclists